This Forest in Ireland – A Photo Journal

Irish Forest

October seems to be flying by in a complete whirlwind. Work has slowed down a bit, but that means now we’re playing catch up most days. We’re also currently in the process of finding a place to live that’s our own, and between that, work, catching up on sleep and all the little things life throws at you everyday, there’s not much time for much else.

At some point in the future, I will get around to editing photos that don’t involve Iceland and Ireland. For now though, these images from this forest in Ireland are the ones I’m stuck on.

Forest in Ireland

In case it hasn’t been obvious so far, I absolutely love the forest. I love being surrounded by trees and the feeling of moss and fallen leaves underfoot, the heaviness of the air and the smell of moist dirt and leaves. This forest in Ireland was one of my favorite places out of everything we saw on our adventures.

We stumbled upon it by complete accident. We were making our way around the Lamb’s Head Peninsula in southwestern Ireland, trying to make it to our next campsite before dark, when this forest appeared almost out of nowhere. In fact, we almost missed it entirely, but there was a sign claiming there was a stone circle nearby. We never found the stone circle, but we got to spend a couple of hours wandering through this lovely forest.

Lamb's Head Peninsula Ireland

This set of photos has become another that I continue to visit again and again. I’ve edited these photos at least seven times now and, as I learn more about the editing process and continue to refine my processing style, I’ll probably edit them again.

Forest in Ireland

For now, I’m fairly happy with how they’ve turned out. So far, they aren’t too significantly different from the first couple of rounds of editing, however I am slowly learning that less is more, especially when it comes to producing good images. As much as I love that grainy, vintage film look that’s been so popular for the last few years, not every picture needs it. And it definitely doesn’t work on every picture. I think on these photos, crushing the blacks to get that faded look only works to an extent – too much and you start to lose all the little details that make the forest so beautiful.

Irish Forest

I decided to dial it back quite a bit, and while the processing isn’t necessarily minimal, it’s a lot less than I had done originally. As it stands right now, I really like how these images came out.

Forests of Ireland

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