Scotland Road Trip – Isle of Skye

Scotland Road Trip

In three days we will mark our one year anniversary of leaving the States and embarking on this incredible journey. I can’t believe it’s already been that long. It feels like we were just in Iceland, but I suppose it will probably feel like that until we head off on our next great adventure.

I talk a lot about favorite places in these posts. I guess that’s mostly because my favorite places are the ones that are easiest to talk about and the ones that I have the most – and the best – pictures of. Every place I call a favorite is usually on the list for a different reason – even if only marginally so – from the last place.  I hope that doesn’t detract from their awe-inspiring beauty, cultural prevalence or anything else. Just know that all of these locations have a special place in my heart.

Scotland Road Trip
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Moving forward… today I’m going to finally write about one portion of our Scotland Road Trip that left me almost speechless – The Isle of Skye. Most of Scotland that we saw was beautiful, but I fully believe that the Isle of Skye is one of the most visually stunning and idyllic places on the planet, and if you keep reading, you’ll see why.

**Disclaimer before you read further: Cody and I were both suffering from severe colds that should have left us bedridden. I did not take notes during this road trip and therefore may have confused some of the names of the places we visited. If you see that I’ve incorrectly attributed a place name, please let me know!

Scotland Road Trip

In typical Leah and Cody fashion our journey to the Isle of Skye begins somewhere else. In this case, probably one of the best hostels we’d ever stayed in. Acheninver Hostel is located in Achiltibuie, which according to GPS isn’t too far from the main town of Ullapool, but is actually at least an hours drive. We only got to spend one night here, but I feel like we could have easily stayed for an entire week and not gotten bored exploring the beautiful countryside. I spent the morning wandering around taking photos, watching the sheep graze and just soaking in this beautiful landscape.

Acheninver Hostel Scotland

Afterwards, it was on to the Isle of Skye. We didn’t stop too much on our way. The days were growing short, and we knew our next bed and breakfast would be difficult to find in the dark. However, there was one waterfall that I demanded we pull over for.

Isle of Skye Waterfall

This waterfall probably has a name or something, but it seemed like it was kind of hidden behind the guardrail and tucked perfectly into this little valley. You also have to tromp through quite a bit of mud to get to it. Totally worth it, in my opinion.

Scotland Road Trip

After that it was on to our bed and breakfast for a night of rest, and a hearty Scottish breakfast in the morning.

I’m going to tell you now that we are the ABSOLUTE WORST at planning things, especially when we’re sick. I did the smallest amount of research the night we got to Skye to see what we should check out, but with us, nothing is ever set in stone. I think Cody and I really wanted to get some hiking in. Neither of us are experienced hikers, but we’re all for checking out new trails and exploring new places at least to some extent. Unfortunately, head colds; wet, chilly weather; and the difficult trails that Skye has to offer don’t mix. So instead, we drove it.

Scotland Road Trip

Fortunately you can drive pretty much all of the Isle of Skye in just a few hours.

We stopped a ton of times along the way. I sometimes wonder, or worry if Cody gets bored having to stop so much and wait for me to take pictures. I worried about that a lot on this particular trip. I knew he wanted to see Skye, but I also knew, with us being sick that he also just wanted to go back to the b&b and sleep. No matter what he was feeling though, he powered through and allowed me to get some of my favorite shots.

One of my all time favorite photos was actually one of the first images I took that day.

Scotland Road Trip

I’m not exactly sure where we stopped for this one. I’m almost certain that’s the Old Man of Storr in the background and that the car park we were in is for some of the trails to the Storr. I ran into several hikers while I was wandering around snapping photos so it seemed to be a pretty popular spot.

Our next stop was the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls Viewpoint.

If I’m being honest, this wasn’t my favorite spot. The pictures we’d seen previously were really beautiful, and the place is stunning, but it was actually really hard to see the waterfall without leaning really far over the railing. This made it difficult to get good shots, but how often do you see beautiful cliffs and a waterfall spilling into the ocean?

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls



Next it was on to Lealt Falls. Just a little further up the road was another car park with hiking trails, rolling hills, and you guessed it, another waterfall.

Lealt Falls

This time I couldn’t really see the waterfall at all, in fact I don’t think it even registered with me that there was one until I was about to return to the car. I think the reason we actually stopped was that there were several other cars parked there, a little camera icon on Google maps, and a small truck selling drinks and snacks. At this point, Cody was wiped out from a day of driving, and pulling over and waiting for me to take pictures. He always tells me not to worry about him, and to take my time, especially if he has a book or something to keep him entertained, but I tried not to dawdle too much.

And I think I got some pretty decent shots.

Scotland Road Trip

Our next stop was the bed and breakfast for a quick nap, before heading back out before nightfall.

One of my absolute favorite places in Scotland was the Quiraing. We’d driven through this area in the morning, but only stopped for short time and I’d only taken a handful of pictures.

So, after our nap we decided to head back and spend a bit more time here. It was definitely worth it. By that point in the afternoon there was hardly anybody there so it felt like we had the place to ourselves. We were also feeling better from our nap, and were excited to get out of the car and do a bit of walking.

The Quiraing

With night coming, we didn’t venture too far, but it was one of the most unforgettable things I’ve ever seen.

The Quiraing

The Quiraing has also made for some of my favorite and best photos that I’ve ever taken.

I think we decided that night, that the next morning we would sleep in and kind of take it easy. That’s exactly what we did, but we also knew we had one more place we had to check out. I had heard a lot about the Fairy Pool and had actually looked at the pictures online and really wanted to go check it out. Unfortunately, that was the day my cold was at its worst. We spent maybe thirty minutes here, and I got a grand total of four images, none of which involve a fairy pool.

Fairy Pool, Scotland

Sometimes, you just have to take care of yourself, even if it means missing something amazing. I think we spent the rest of the day eating and sleeping, trying regain some energy, before returning to the mainland to explore the Scottish Highlands. Anyways, that’s it for our Scotland road trip through the Isle of Skye. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you sincerely for checking it out!

If you need more road trips in your life, check out our adventures through Ireland here, and our journey through Iceland here!


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  1. I’m planning on taking my mom to Scotland in June. These pictures are great. We were thinking of going to Isle of Skye and now this has sealed the deal.

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