On Coming Home

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I’ve been putting this post off for a while. We’ve been home for about a month and a half now, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Cody and I both got very fortunate and found jobs almost right away. Our next task is finding a place to live, and then figuring out what kind of a life we want to build for ourselves.

We talk a lot about living in a van and traveling the States. One of my big dreams is to see as many national parks as possible, including those in Canada. We also talk a lot about South America, Central and Southeast Asia, the parts of Europe we missed. When people ask us where we want to go next, we still say “everywhere.”

We also talk about living in a cabin in the forest somewhere near the mountains, or the beach, or – in my perfect world – both. We talk about the kind of dog we would pick at the shelter and how we want to get a cat and leash train it so it can also go on adventures with us. We talk of hiking and camping, of the beautiful places we want to see, and the ones we can find right here Texas. But we also talk about TV shows and movies, of days spent doing nothing and not feeling bad about it. We talk about work, a lot.

It was strange coming home. I think we were both excited and nervous in the weeks leading up to our departure. Excited about seeing family and friends, for free refills and fountain drinks, for good Tex-Mex, and the feeling of freedom that comes with a car. Nervous about finding work, a place to live, a vehicle for Cody, about how much things had changed.

The first couple of days were a definite adjustment. I realize how much I hate driving in the metroplex. Short trips are fine, and I love the open road, but I hate driving around DFW. I forgot how big our grocery stores are, how much stuff is in them, how convenient they are and how much I still dislike going into them. New stores, restaurants and subdivisions popped up all around us, but really nothing has changed. It seems like we slipped back into our old lives with minimal trouble.

The thing is though, that the travel bug never really goes away. We’re resting for now, recuperating after nearly ten months on the road, saving our money, and transitioning back in the adult world. But we’ll always be thinking about where to go next, and what adventures are waiting down the road.


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