Salamanca “La Dorada,” Spain – Photo Journal

If you’re looking for stunning architecture, history that dates back a couple thousand years, culture and great food Salamanca, Spain is the place for you. Salamanca is also known as La Dorada or the Golden City, and it’s easy to see why. Many of its buildings in the historic city center are constructed of sandstone that turns brilliant shades of gold during sunset.

We had near perfect weather while we were here – beautiful blue skies with moderate temperatures during the day. It was still winter, but you could tell that spring was only a few weeks away. It made for some great days chasing down Pokemon and photographing the city.

The architecture here is stunning and – combined with the golden tones of the sandstone structures – makes for some incredible views. The architectural photographer in me was honestly a little overwhelmed.

I was also trying some new photography techniques here, going for a more minimal style with lots of blank space. It worked sometimes, especially with the skies being so clear. Sometimes though, there was just too much to see and too much I wanted to fit into the photograph.

Salamanca sits of the River Duero, and we spent quite a bit of time exploring the parks on the river’s banks. The parks in Salamanca weren’t as nice as some of the other parks we’d seen in Spain but the views of the city were stunning.

One of the really cool things about Salamanca is the amount of history here. I’ll probably write a more in depth post about the history of this city later, but for now just know that Salamanca boasts one of the oldest universities in Europe and a cool bridge that was built during Roman times.

I love arches so this bridge was really fun to shoot. Also it was really cool to think about how old this thing was and how it was still standing and still serving its function.

We also spent a lot of time on the main square, or The Plaza Mayor. It was probably one of the more interesting squares we saw in Spain.

Sidewalk cafes and restaurants lined the edges of the square and there were archways everywhere.


Salamanca was absolutely beautiful, rich in history and culture and so much fun to explore. There were a lot of things I didn’t take pictures of due to construction or me being distracted, but I’m super happy with how most of the pictures from here turned out.

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